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Civil & Industrial Buildings Airports

M & V Builders L.L.C. is a prominent civil contractor with experience in heavy civil construction projects. A growing company successfully taking up small and large building projects and completing them on time within the estimated budget, we are a choice civil construction company in NC.

We are North Carolina contractors with expertise in building and expanding complex industrial plants and international airports. We can also work on fast-track construction projects when there is time constraint.

We are one of the recognized construction company in NC that gives first priority to the safety of employees. Our system-safety certification, quality eco-friendly constructions, and high-quality workmanship are what makes us who we are.

We are building new treatment plants, structures of constructing piping systems, industrial facilities and more in an environment-friendly way while maintaining consistency in quality.

The lifestyle of the urban population depends upon the infrastructure of the country. As one of the best construction companies in NC, we are striving to better our cities and improve lives everyday.

When old-fashioned airports require to be demolished and rebuilt so that new gates can be added and more people can be accommodated, M & V Builders rebuilds and renovates with modern technological advancements.

We are a recommended airports construction company in NC. Whether the airport needs a new baggage claim system, a new gate, upgraded electrical systems or a change of design in the structural steel tie-ins, you can rely on us to use quality materials for your project with assurance of outstanding results.

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