About Company

M & V Builders L.L.C. is a resourceful and reliable construction company headquartered in Indian Trail, North Carolina, with its main branch in Concord. Established in 2014, we are a licensed general contractor with SBE certification through NCDOT and the City of Charlotte. We’re going strong with the most modern construction techniques, equipment, engineering skills, guarded machinery, and advanced technology to meet client expectations within a given budget.

M & V Builders was only an idea in 2007. It was the foundation to an American Dream that two college youngsters hoped to achieve someday. Today we are winning hearts and fulfilling hundreds of dreams as we learn and grow to keep up in the construction business. Striving to be the best construction company in North Carolina, we’re adhering to norms, upgrading to innovative empowerment and fulfilling dreams with an unrelenting enthusiasm.

What We Do

Why Choose us

A construction company should focus on long-lasting infrastructure. We are a 100% minority owned company and we believe that a city is considered to be developing fast if its infrastructural growth is significant and promising. M & V Builders L.L.C. is proudly an important contributor in the construction business of North Carolina. We’ve grown from being a small-town construction company to a recognized builder in the cities. With a 100% satisfaction record of completing railway, bridges, buildings, homes, and several other construction projects successfully, we’re improving the lifestyle of people by making convenience accessible to all.

Work Quality

Quality of work has a standard measurement scale, and we meet all the required metrics to be recommended by our loyal customers as one of the best construction companies in NC.


A core value and code of conduct that we standby at all times - integrity. Our projects pass compliance, we adhere to the norms and encourage transparency. You can trust us with your project.


We focus on safety, efficiency and productivity. Our engineers create one plan with small goals and work to achieve them one at a time with modern construction equipment and skilled manpower.


The safety and security of our engineers, laborers, and other on-site workers is on top of our Priority List. Employers and employees both rely on M & V Builders L.L.C. to standout when it comes to security.


We believe it is our responsibility to give back to the community. We donate 50 hours a month in community service for infrastructural development of the country. This represents us as approachable.


We follow the practice of constructing in an environment-friendly manner. M & V Builders is resource-efficient. We create sustainable designs and use the best quality construction materials.

Constructing Comprehensively and Efficiently

We Build to Fulfil Dreams

We provide our clients with integrated end-to-end solutions. No matter how complex the projects we have been successfully executing them since the inception of our company.

Corporate Office

363 N Church Street, Suite 260-A0.
Concord, NC 28025