Mission & Values

A Progressive Steadfast Construction Company in NC

We grow as our customers grow. We are paving secure paths and building striking edifices. At M & V Builders, our mission and vision inspire us to set an example for others.


Our mission is to make our country a better place, and to give it the beauty of exquisitely designed structures, homes, transits and more. We strive each day to improve lives of people around us with technologically advanced infrastructures.

As a recognized constructor in NC, we are expected to, and we do, have a mission to keep our construction projects environment-friendly and sustainable. Be it renovation, excavation, or restoration, our mission is to cause as little damage to nature as possible, and build strong and long-lasting structures.

Constructing Comprehensively and Efficiently

We Build to Fulfil Dreams

We provide our clients with integrated end-to-end solutions. No matter how complex the projects we have been successfully executing them since the inception of our company.

Corporate Office

363 N Church Street, Suite 260-A0.
Concord, NC 28025