M & V Builders - Who We Are

A Licensed Construction Contractor in NC

We perfect exclusive project designs by using innovative technology and by laying the foundation of sustainable infrastructure. At M & V Builders L.L.C, we’re not just constructing homes, but building cities and improving lives across North Carolina and other states in the US.

M & V Builders L.L.C took root as an ambition of two young college lads from North Carolina, in the year 2007. After a 7-year long wait to start the company, M & V Builders was finally an establishment in July, 2014. The company founders are graduates from Clemson University. They are Civil Engineers who work day in and out along with the 150 other employees to build and take the company to greater heights. Construction is in our genes, it has been a way of life for our parents and grandparents for generations.

We keep updated with technology. We use modern cloud-based solutions for real-time data collection and data transmission to and fro the jobsite and the back office. We save hundreds of hours per month with the help of technology advancements in the construction industry. We are equipped to make more accurate decisions with the help of predictive analysis and artificial intelligence. We can track our workers, and conduct training sessions. What’s more, implementation of AR and VR has helped us to be better at what we do.

These are our core values and we standby them at all costs. As we demand productivity and quality from our employees, we feel it is our responsibility to see that they have a safe day at work. Our employees recommend us to potential customers, and our loyal clients proudly speak of our success stories.

At M & V Builders L.L.C, integrity is our backbone, we adhere to the local government’s construction norms, it helps our clients to trust us and slowly but gradually we’re growing to be at a better place in the construction industry.

Constructing Comprehensively and Efficiently

We Build to Fulfil Dreams

We provide our clients with integrated end-to-end solutions. No matter how complex the projects we have been successfully executing them since the inception of our company.

Corporate Office

363 N Church Street, Suite 260-A0.
Concord, NC 28025