Why M & V Builders L.L.C

At M & V Builders L.L.C., we are constantly learning and sharing new construction methods with the world. New projects and new customers do not affect our dedication to maintaining our business relations with our existing clientele.

Our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and subcontractors have been working with us for years to improve the infrastructural shape of our nation, and this proves that we’re easy to work with and we can be relied upon to timely complete our work without compromising on quality. Being there for our onsite workers is as important for us as addressing the requirements of our project managers and technical team. With a vision of a long-term success rate in sustainable commercial and non-commercial construction in NC, we are keeping our workplace safe and rewarding.

Highways & Bridges

Highways & Bridges - M & V Builders have constructed highways and large span bridges using various precast methods and skilled manpower.

Rail Metro & Mass Transit

We take-up high-importance railway projects and cover stations, railways tracks, bridges, tunnels and viaducts.

Civil & Industrial Buildings

Our experience of constructing civil and industrial buildings includes hotels, restaurants, residential apartments, retail outlets, etc.

Commercial Construction

Our clients vouch for our quality in commercial construction. Starting from choosing the lot for you to the move-in date, we take care of everything.

Custom Homes

A home is not less than a dream. We build one-of-a-kind custom homes that are exclusively designed to meet client requirements.

Constructing Comprehensively and Efficiently

We Build to Fulfil Dreams

We provide our clients with integrated end-to-end solutions. No matter how complex the projects we have been successfully executing them since the inception of our company.